24×7 water supply across Delhi and Yamuna cleaning mission on a war footing, CM holds review meeting on the projects of the Delhi Jal Board

दैनिक समाचार

24×7 water supply to every household in Delhi, sewer connections in unauthorized colonies, and cleaning the Yamuna are top priority projects of the Delhi government

Work-in-progress to maximize the number of existing STPs, Delhi government ensuring that STPs work at maximum capacity for efficient water treatment

Expedite the expansion of 100% sewer connection to all unauthorized colonies and JJ clusters in Delhi; the sewer connection process to be made time-bound for the people

New Delhi:

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi government is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a quick and regular supply of water to the residents of Delhi. Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal held a review meeting with the officials of the Delhi Jal Board on several projects of the Delhi government, including 24-hour tap water supply, cleaning of Yamuna river, sewer lines to all houses in Delhi, and industrial waste treatment. The CM reviewed the progress report of all the projects and directed the officials to expedite the timelines of the projects to provide convenience to the people.

The Chief Minister’s Office tweeted, “Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri @ArvindKejriwal today held a review meeting with the concerned ministers and officials regarding various schemes of Delhi Jal Board and Delhi’s Drainage Master Plan, including 24-hour water supply, sewer line, and the Yamuna cleaning to every household in the priority of the Chief Minister.”

The review meeting was held on the following projects – Water and sewer lines to every household, Pipeline water to every house for 24 hours, world-class drainage plan, Yamuna cleaning, Water Treatment plan, and re-use schemes, rainwater harvesting.

In the review meeting, a detailed action plan for augmenting 24-hour and clean tap-water supply to all households in Delhi was discussed. The Kejriwal government is working to supply 24-hour clean tap water supply to all households in Delhi.

Yamuna water to be treated at war-footing, cleaning the Yamuna a top priority for Delhi Government

The review meeting also discussed projects related to Yamuna cleaning, which is the top priority of the Delhi government. As a responsible government, Yamuna Cleaning is the most critical priority of the Delhi government. The Delhi government is working upon this issue with the same mindset and seriousness as earlier while transforming the education sector and the healthcare sector in the last term.

To ensure a more efficient Yamuna cleaning process, the water flowing into the river Yamuna will be treated via STP. Only clean water will be directed towards the river Yamuna, and the polluted water will be used for irrigational purposes and groundwater recharge.

Sewer connection process to be made time-bound and convenient for the people

The CM directed the officials to make the sewer connection process smoother and more convenient for the people. “The sewer lines have been laid across Delhi, but taking sewer connections must be made time-bound for the residents of Delhi. There should be no laxity in the process.” A total of 716 sewer lines have been laid out and commissioned until now. Around 62 colonies have been covered under existing STPs, and 7 STPs are in the tender stage. A total of 1799 sewer lines will be laid out and commissioned by December 2024.

Rehabilitation of existing STPs and construction of new STPs; STPs with a total capacity of 239 MGD to be added by June 2023

The CM was informed of the progress in the rehabilitation and construction of new STPs. The project for the construction of the STP coronation pillar has already been completed, whereas the one in Okhla will be completed by December 2022. In total, STPs with a total capacity of 239 MGD will be added by June 2023. The progress of projects for the up-gradation/augmentation of the existing STPs and CETPs, including the industrial drains was also discussed.

86 out of 4375 industries, that did not adhere to industrial pollution norms, have already been sealed

Water quality in Delhi is adversely affected due to industrial pollution and chemicals flowing into the water bodies. A lot of industries show on paper that their waste is released only after proper treatment. But the reality is that industrial waste treatment is practically not happening. CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal also directed the officials to ensure that action is taken against industries releasing waste causing pollution in water in Delhi. The officials informed that a survey was conducted with 4375 industries, out of which 86 industries, that did not adhere to the industrial pollution generation norms, have already been sealed by the DJB authorities.

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