3-storey building collapses in Kashmere Gate due to the joint negligence and conspiracy of BJP & the builder mafia: AAP

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7 people have been seriously injured in the collapse because of BJP’s negligence: Durgesh Pathak

BJP was aware of the threat this building posed; AAP MLA Prahlad Singh Sawhney complained several times to MCD but BJP leaders did not act upon it: Durgesh Pathak

BJP leaders fraudulently got the map of a 180 sq yard building approved under the SARAL Scheme by showing it as 80 sq yards: Durgesh Pathak

SARAL Scheme applies only to buildings upto a total area of 100 sq yards: Durgesh Pathak

AAP will file FIRs against BJP councilors, mayor & state president and demand strictest punishment for them: Durgesh Pathak

Certain that once this matter is investigated, the builder’s links to BJP leaders will be exposed: Vikas Goel


It is a well known fact that BJP’s lust for money knows no bounds. But now their greed has gone as far as endangering people’s lives. A 3-storey building collapsed in the Kashmere Gate area due to the negligence and conspiracy of BJP & builder mafia last night. AAP Senior Leader and MCD in-charge Shri Durgesh Pathak stated, “7 people were severely wounded in the mishap because of BJP’s negligence. BJP was aware of the threat this building posed to life. AAP MLA Prahlad Singh Sawhney complained several times to MCD but BJP leaders did not act upon it. BJP leaders fraudulently got the map of a 180 sq yard building approved under the SARAL Scheme by showing it to be of 80 sq yards. SARAL Scheme applies only to buildings upto 100 sq yards in area. AAP will file FIRs against BJP councilors, mayor & state president and demand strictest punishment for them.

AAP’s North MCD LOP Shri Vikas Goel said, “I am certain that once this matter is investigated the links of the builder with the BJP leaders will be exposed.”

Shri Durgesh Pathak said, “A very unfortunate incident took place in the Kashmere Gate locality yesterday. The construction of a 3 storeyed building was taking place there. It is important to note the background with respect to this compound, which covers a stretch of 1500 sq. yards where this three-storeyed building was being constructed. We looked into the matter to find out whether the construction plan for this was approved by the MCD or not, and discovered documents which revealed some appalling facts – There is a scheme in the MCD called the ‘SARAL Scheme’, under which if one owns a property measuring 50-100 sq. yards, they can get their construction plans approved for that land. The building which collapsed measured 180 sq. yards for which the plan was passed under the SARAL scheme. Either unfortunately, or deliberately to jump through administration hoops, it was overlooked that the Saral scheme only covers land measuring up to 100 sq. yards, and not more. This scheme is not at all valid for a land measuring 180 sq. yards. Hence, the entire initiation and approval for the construction of this building is strictly illegal to begin with.

He continued, “Secondly, our MLA from the assembly Shri Prahlad Singh Sawhney wrote a letter, dated 21st December 2021, regarding the construction of this building to the Commissioner, the Mayor and all concerned authorities, stating that the project is taking place in violation of MCD’s rules and regulations and is completely illegal. He also demanded that action must be taken against the illegal activity, and a legitimate path must be taken in order for the construction to take place properly. Moreover, he also sent a WhatsApp message to the Commissioner on 8th December, and again on 9th – both of which did not receive a response from the Commissioner despite being read. Following that, this year Shri Prahlad Sawhney wrote two more letters dated 8th and 9th February respectively. Through these letters and communication channels, he shared all the details of the illegalities of the construction project. Not just this, he even wrote a letter to the LG on 9th February intimating him with the facts and figures, and warnings that this illegitimate construction can pose a threat to lives of people working and living in the area.”

The MCD-incharge continued, “This means that the MCD was aware of all the shortcomings. The BJP Mayor and Councillors were aware of the illegal construction. Now the question arises as to why did they not act against it? The simplest conclusion would be that their lust for money did not let them do so. They took bribes and shut their eyes. For once I can agree that the complaint filed by the MLA was not strong enough. But, this does not override the fact that the map of this plot was scandalously approved under the SARAL Scheme. The SARAL Scheme is only applicable to plots upto 100 sq yards and the plot in question is of 180 sq yards. This implies that the builder paid BJP leaders to shut up right at the time of getting the map approved. Our MLA filed 4 complaints in this regard yet no one acted on them. This means that the whole system was muzzled with bribes. I ask BJP State President Adesh Gupta to wake up from his nap and issue a clarification on the matter. It is his moral responsibility to come clear as to why the whole process right from approvals to construction was botched up.”

He added, “Seven people have been seriously wounded in the incident. Their lives could only be spared because God was with them. It is a criminal act. The Aam Aadmi Party will step up and file an FIR against the BJP Mayor, Councillor and the BJP State President. We will demand the strictest of the action against them. They have completely destroyed the MCD and left it hollow from inside. There’s no difference between them and goons at this point. They are playing with the lives of innocent people. A similar mishap happened a few months back in Timarpur. Back then too, AAP Councillor Guddi Devi complained against the construction. Builders, BJP Councillors and their leaders are working like a nexus of mafia trying to mint money with people’s lives at stake. How can someone build three floors within a month? It is not rocket science that that structure is bound to fall.”

Shri Vikas Goel added, “The construction plan which was passed under the SARAL Scheme in the MCD showed 85 sq. yards of land on paper, when in reality the building is being constructed over a plot of 180 sq. yards. Whenever a building construction begins in any corner of Delhi, MCD’s engineers immediately show up at the site. But in this case, where a plan for 85 sq. yards was passed and construction is taking place 180 sq. yards, then it is not possible that the JE, AE or councillors of the area are unaware about it. It is most definitely taking place under their noses, signifying blatant corruption. Additionally, repeated incidents of building collapses have been taking place with MCD’s constructions and the sole reason behind these unfortunate occurrences is the fraudulent collusion between the builders and the BJP leaders. If we probe the matter further, it will definitely be discovered that the builders or the agency is linked to a BJP leader in some way or the other. This is not the first such incident, for they are taking place repeatedly in all MCDs with its sole reason being the BJP’s flagrant misgovernance, corruption, and greed to plunder the MCD as much as they can. Nothing can be more shameful than these manipulative and corrupt antics of the BJP-ruled MCD.”

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