AAP launches a unique ‘human chain’ campaign; demands timely MCD elections

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AAP has put up banners reading ‘BJP got MCD elections postponed and ran away fearing defeat’ on all flyovers of Delhi: Durgesh Pathak

AAP has the support of the people of Delhi, we will agitate and ensure MCD elections are held immediately: Durgesh Pathak

We will keep fighting for the sake of this democracy till BJP doesn’t take back its orders: Durgesh Pathak


The Aam Aadmi Party launched a unique ‘human chain’ campaign at 11 am today. During this campaign, banners were put up at all flyovers of Delhi which read- ‘BJP ne MCD Chunaav Karvaya Radd — Haar Ke Darr Se Bhaagi BJP’, meaning that the BJP got MCD elections postponed and ran away fearing defeat. Senior AAP Leader and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak said, “the main goal of this campaign is to make the public aware of the BJP’s incompetence. The BJP has betrayed the people of Delhi by manipulating the centre’s powers and deferring the MCD elections. This election is the fundamental right of all Delhiites. Postponing the election is yet another example of BJP’s shameless arrogance.”

Shri Durgesh Pathak issued a statement on Thursday, and he said, “The BJP has sensed that their defeat in the MCD elections is certain. The BJP was also well aware that the Aam Aadmi Party will form the government in the MCD too. The BJP tried to postpone the election by inventing an excuse out of thin air because of his fear. This act is in violation of the people’s rights. The Aam Aadmi Party is opposed to this, and a human chain campaign was held today at 11 a.m. in this regard.”

He continued, “Banners were placed on all of Delhi’s flyovers during the campaign. These banners read, ‘BJP ne MCD Chunaav Karvaya Radd — Haar Ke Darr Se Bhaagi BJP’, meaning that the BJP got MCD elections postponed and ran away fearing defeat. Volunteers from the Aam Aadmi Party held placards at the flyover. These banners will continue to remind residents that the BJP has postponed the polls by intimidating the Election Commission for personal gains. They will remind that the BJP wants unification, so that they can pillage Delhi for another six months. The MCD has already been looted and plundered by them. Now since there isn’t much left, they want to destroy that as well.”

He concluded, “People’s right to vote is a fundamental one, and they are being denied it by the BJP. In MCD, the BJP’s 5-year term is coming to an end. As a result, postponing the election is unethical in every sense. The Aam Aadmi Party opposes the BJP’s tyranny. MCD elections should be held on its own schedule. Even after the elections, unification is a possibility. We shall continue to struggle till the BJP reverses its decision. We would work along with the people of Delhi to ensure that the MCD elections are held as soon as possible. We will not let the BJP’s theft take place for long.”

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