AAP launches ‘Human-Chain Banner’ campaign in Delhi calling BJP out across all of Delhi’s flyovers

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Aam Aadmi Party puts up banners saying – ‘‘BJP got MCD elections postponed and ran away fearing defeat’’

Delhi’s public dreamt that 2022 MCD elections would put BJP’s misgovernance to rest for good by throwing them out of power: Durgesh Pathak

In its greed for corruption, the BJP wants to keep MCD in its possession by any means necessary: Durgesh Pathak

Not just Delhi, but the entire country will staunchly protest against such authoritarian antics of the BJP: Durgesh Pathak


The Aam Aadmi Party launched its ‘Human-Chain Banner’ campaign at 11 am today calling BJP out for delaying MCD elections. During this campaign, banners were put up on all flyovers of Delhi, “‘BJP got MCD elections postponed and ran away fearing defeat’”. AAP senior leader and MCD in-charge Shri Durgesh Pathak said, “BJP has got addicted and intoxicated by its corruption and loot. So by any means it wants to keep MCD in its possession. BJP leaders built luxurious houses for themselves in Delhi, all their leaders became millionaires, it must be asked where did all this money come from? BJP is snatching the right of the public to express their emotion by killing democracy.”

Shri Durgesh Pathak stated, “Ever since the MCD elections have been deferred with the BJP’s shameless conspiracy, all of Delhi’s public is highly disappointed and disheartened. The people of Delhi and MCD employees had envisioned a dream, biding their time till the 2022 MCD elections took place which would put the BJP’s misgovernance to rest for good, and bring in Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP staunchly honest government in the MCD. They had high hopes attached to this expected change in MCD leadership so that the corporation would begin to function efficiently, deliver on its duties, provide its employees salaries on time, respect the rights of all Delhi residents as well as its workers, and ensure a clean and green Delhi by disposing the many landfills throughout the city. However, the way that the BJP has pulled this despicable stunt at the last minute, just minutes before the announcement of the MCD election dates by the Election Commission of India, and issued a statement by pressurising the EC to defer the elections and merge the three civic bodies in the National Capital, is a direct attack on the country’s democratic values.”

He added, “These antics of the BJP have made it clear to each and every resident of Delhi that the BJP got cold feet, that it was afraid of an atrocious defeat which it knew the AAP would ensure had the elections taken place as scheduled. Everyone is well aware that BJP manipulated the centre and the EC to make such an announcement out of its fear of losing the MCD to AAP, and that too by a significant margin. The biggest reason behind BJP’s panic and angst is the flagrant corruption that its leaders indulge in in broad daylight. Every month the party makes crores in the form of bribes and through its endless scams. Today, the BJP has established lavish properties for offices in each and every corner of Delhi, with 5-star hotel-like facilities – where has all this money come from? All their leaders are slowly becoming millionaires – what is their source of this indefinite inflow of money? The BJP’s councillors and other leaders are addicted to corruption and have developed such a grave habit of either squandering GPF money, or through conversion charges or as a result of selling land belonging to schools and other MCD properties. Due to their attachment to the corruptive whims they have developed by staying in power in the MCD for the past 15 years, they are well aware that they will lose a free and fair election. Hence, they are terrified of letting this source of cash inflow be taken away from them and want to hold on to whatever little power they have left for as long as they can, in order to fill their pockets further before their corrupt reign ends for good.”

He further said, “These actions of the BJP go against our core democratic values and principles. On one hand, we have the Aam Aadmi Party under the leadership of Shri Arvind Kejriwal who is leading with a vision for an all-round progress of the country, to build the India that was envisioned by Babasaheb Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh in their dreams. On the other hand, there’s Bharatiya Janata Party, which is recklessly tearing Babasaheb’s constitution to pieces. This goes against the very tenets of the democratic ideals that independent India was built upon. Today, you are deferring the MCD elections out of fear of defeat, tomorrow you will do the same with state elections as and when you feel threatened – you will come up with excuses to merge or split concerned state(s), or bring in President’s rule – by hook or by crook, you are hell bent on avoiding the definite defeat that awaits you. This is the one right that the people have in a democracy – a free and fair election, where they feel free to voice their opposition or support for whichever party works in their interest. If you take away this one right from the people, and fracture the very foundation of democracy, you are introducing blatant dictatorship. The people of not just Delhi, but the entire country along with the opposition parties will staunchly protest against such authoritarian antics of the BJP.”

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