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दैनिक समाचार

Ms.Asha Chand, who was born on 23 March 1951 in Mumbai as daughter of eminent couple of Sindhi literature, Shri A J Uttamchandani and Sudari Uttamchandani She is among the famous Sindhi women of modern era. She is popular as the ambassador of Sindhi culture, Sindhi Language and Sindhi poetry especially nursery rhymes and often referred as Iron Sindhi lady.

As both of her parents were faithful devotes of Sindhi Literature so since the early childhood Asha was under influence of tempting attraction for Sindhi cultural and literary heritage, which in years to come turned into passion. She is also fortunate in the sense that her parents took good care of about her education. Besides completing M.A. in Sindhi from Jai Hind College Mumbai, she had been presented with adequate opportunities and environment to learn and absorb basics of Music, Dance and Drama.

Asha started her professional life, with Bank of India, in the banking and finance sector but within short span of time she felt that it is not satisfying her soul. This might be her good luck that at Dubai she was in contacts of great Sindhi literary personalities like Shri Mohan Gehani, Kala Prakash and Dr. Moti Prakash (Writer of “Andhi Mein Jot Jagayin Wara Sindhi” song considered as Sindhi community anthem) as this help her to decide to dedicate herself for promotion and preservation of Sindhi language and culture.

Probably this is effect of sharing her birth with Amar Shahid Hemu Kalani. Asha has shaped as innovative and revolutionary personality in the business oriented sindhi community. In the year 1992 Asha started Jai Sindhi Publication with aim of publishing her mother Sundari Uttamchandani’s unpublished literature and she succeeded in bringing many new books for Sindhi literature lovers along with a book – collection of short stories written by her mother. In the same year she presented “Hugao” an audio format of poems of her mother, released on 24 September, 68th birthday of her mother.

Since the 2000 she came with pioneer step of introducing Audio Visual promotion of Sindhi language and culture. Asha presented a video “Sindhi Sahit Ji Timurti” and started a NGO “Sindhi Sangat” for propagation of Sindhi heritage and culture. She felt that Sindhi language is fading out from the Sindhi homes. Especially those are abroad and living in metro cities of India at vigorous speed so she came with unique idea of promoting the language through stage entertainment programs in Dubai.

In the year 2001 a live concert of two days of well known singer Abida Parveen was organized and beyond imagination success of it has boosted Asha Chand’s moral. Till date she had arranged more than fifteen such events as this has become integral part of annual calendar of Sindhi community in Dubai and UAE. This also proved a base for Asha’s strong faith that entertainment is the best approach to teach and aware younger generations about the rich heritage of Sindhi community.

Asha Chand has presented many audio visuals such as “Let’s Learn Sindhi” and “Pahakas & Isthillah” for promotion of Sindhi language. Presently she is involved with “Nursery Rhyme Singing competition” for Sindhi Kids. Besides being a book publisher Asha Chand is also a Television Film Producer, till date she has credit of more than 25 television skits and films telecasted by DD Gujarati and on DD India. KTN in Sindh also telecasted these. Many of her skits are also available at official website of her organization Sindhi Sangat. Asha Chand is also front runner for demanding start of Sindhi Television in India and fighting for it with government of India with full zeal. Recently she has also presented a mobile app for learning Sindhi language.

This is fact that Asha Chand is hardcore supporter of Arabic script for Sindhi language and have strong believe that Devanagiri and Roman scripts are not much useful for greater cause of preserving Sindhi language, but she is also aware of the fact that spoken Sindhi is the prime way of preserving Sindhi language. Probably this feeling is working as fuel and energy for her success efforts for programs like “Nursery Rhyme Singing competition”.

Asha Chand is fortunate that she got very strong support at her home as her husband Mr. Chand Punjabi is not just love Sindhi language and culture but also providing moral booster space for her activities. Her daughter Moomal is also involved and supports activities organized by Asha Chand.

Success key of Asha Chand lies with her work and life philosophy “We agree to disagree” as this not only allows her with necessary freedom of working in own way and own style but also restricts opponents from hard criticism.

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