Kejriwal Government establishes world-class Delhi Teachers University; Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia inaugurates its opening

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Delhi Teachers University is the fastest established university in the country; started within 2 months since passing of legislation in the Assembly

Teachers play a pivotal role in 360° development of any nation; Delhi Teachers University will prepare ‘future nation builders’: Dy CM Manish Sisodia

Delhi Teachers University will emerge as a brand in the field of teacher education across the world: Dy CM Manish Sisodia

Besides world-class training for future teachers, collaboration with national and international organizations will be ensured for exchange of new ideas and practices at the Delhi Teachers University

Delhi Teachers University will set up a unique cell to reach out to all schools in Delhi and motivate students to become teachers: Dy CM Manish Sisodia


Delhi Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Shri Manish Sisodia inaugurated the Delhi Teachers University on Friday. The university aims to prepare well-trained and highly qualified teachers of the new era. Delhi Teachers University is India’s fastest established university, which got inaugurated within two months of the legislation being passed in the Legislative Assembly. The Deputy CM stated – Teachers play an important role in the overall building of any nation. According to the National Policy of Education 1986, the teachers have been defined as “nation builders” and that is what the Kejriwal Government’s teachers university aims to produce. The University will emerge as a brand in the field of teacher education and set new standards for education of teachers in the world. It will offer a new age integrated teacher education programme after Class 12 and will also emphasize on fundamental and applied research in education by collaborating with national and international organizations. It will also be ensured that trainees spend 30 to 50% of their time in schools and get hands-on learning experience from the very first month of their course. Along with this, a unique cell will also be set up in Delhi Teachers University which will visit schools of Delhi and motivate students to opt for the teaching profession.

Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia said, “Delhi Teachers University is one of the important dreams that Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal has seen about education in Delhi and our vision is to make it the best university in the country and the world. This university will set even better standards than other premier institutions of the country like IITs and IIMs. Delhi Teachers University is the fastest established university in the country. On January 4, 2022, the Delhi Teachers University bill was passed in the Legislative assembly and within two months it has been inaugurated along with the approval of LG.”

Features of Delhi Teachers University:

-> High quality pre-service and in-service program
-> New age B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD, and certificate program
-> Focus on fundamental and applied research in field of education
-> National and international collaboration for exchange of new ideas and best practices
-> Partnerships with schools to provide hands-on-experience

Unlike most teacher training courses currently offered in the country, the courses offered at Delhi Teachers University will not focus solely on subject-knowledge. The main purpose of these courses is to:

-> Develop capacities and build practical skills that prepare teachers for the classroom. This includes exposure to international education systems through exchange programmes and visits;
-> Prepare them physically, mentally, and emotionally (IQ, EQ, and SQ) to become better citizens.
-> Develop their personalities holistically through Jeevan Vidya;
-> Nurture them as educational leaders, planners and administrators, who will guide the country’s future, taking initiatives to make education inclusive and comprehensive.

The Deputy Chief Minister further said, “Today it is easy to prepare a good engineer, doctor and other professionals because they work only on specific areas of life but it is not easy to prepare a good teacher because their work is to cover all aspects of life for students and offer a 360 degree approach. This is the reason why IITs were established in the country in 1951, premium institutes like IIMs and AIIMS started decades ago but till date no teacher university of this level has been started in the country. However, the Delhi Teachers University will work to bridge this gap and emerge as a brand in the field of teacher education not only in India but all over the world.”

Shri Manish Sisodia added, “These days it is common in Indian families that if a child is good in mathematics, then parents encourage them to prepare for IIT, if a child is better in history then they will be asked to prepare for UPSC. But children are never encouraged to become teachers. This is the reason why students consider the teaching profession as the last option. However, the Delhi Teachers University will change this mindset. This university will not only focus on preparing school teachers, but also on introducing teachers of higher education institutes to the best education practices of the world.”

On this occasion the Vice Chancellor of Delhi Teachers University, Prof. Dhananjay Joshi said, “Today every child dreams of becoming a doctor or an engineer but never talks about opting for the teaching profession. It is mostly the last career option but through Delhi Teachers University we will work to change this mindset. Teachers are nation builders. To prepare a better and developed India, we will motivate each and every child to become a teacher.”

Dignitaries present at the event included – Delhi Vidhan Sabha Standing Committee Chairperson Atishi Marlena, Vice Chancellor of Delhi Teachers University Professor Dhananjay Joshi, Education Secretary H. Rajendra Prasad, Higher Education Secretary (Technical Education) R Alis Vas, Director (Higher Education) Ranjana Deswal, Director (SCERT) Rajnaish Kumar Singh, and Education Advisor Shailendra Sharma.

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