MLA Atishi attends the annual prize distribution ceremony of Bhagini Nivedita College as the chief guest

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It is imperative for girls to be educated and self-reliant to facilitate the growth of the society: Atishi

Students have an important responsibility to contribute towards Nation Building: Atishi

Atishi felicitates meritorious students at the Annual prize distribution ceremony organised by Bhagini Nivedita College



Aam Aadmi Party Senior lead Leader and MLA from Kalkaji Ms Atishi presided over the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony of Bhagini Nivedita College today. While addressing the students at the ceremony, she advised them to become role models for other girls who are looking up to the world for inspiration. Ms Atishi, who was the chief guest of the ceremony said, “It is important that youngsters should participate and contribute to the nation building process.”


Speaking on this occasion, Ms Atishi said that the decisions in a girl’s life are often taken by other members of her family where she has not much to say. Girls should learn to make their own life decisions so that in difficult times, instead of blaming others for her circumstances, they can face them boldly with courage. She said that girls should choose their own dreams, and should not allow others to decide for her.


Highlighting the importance of female role models at work, MLA Ms Atishi said, “Today, Indian women are heading the top most companies in the world and they are a source of inspiration for many women in the society. If they can head the top companies in the world, other girls can do that too”.

Giving priority to the education of girls, MLA Ms Atishi said that it is very important for girls to be educated. When more women will come forward in leadership roles, only then will the country move on the path of progress.


MLA Ms Atishi advised the students to choose their career wisely. She said that students should not choose a career just because they want to earn money. Students should rather decide their career path based on their interests. “Whatever career you choose, always keep in mind your interest in it, do not choose a career just for the sake of earning money. Choose a career in which you find your interest and contentment,” she further added.

The students who performed well in various courses and extracurricular activities were awarded with prizes at the college’s prize distribution ceremony. Delhi University’s Dean of Colleges, Prof. Balaram Pani, High Court advocate Randhir Lal Sharma, along with college’s Principal (Officiating) Prof. Raj Bhardwaj was also present in this function.

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