Open challenge to BJP to let the MCD elections take place if it has the courage; do not run away from fear of defeat: Manish Sisodia

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Plagued by corruption, Delhi residents along with MCD employees are determined to kick BJP out of MCD: Manish Sisodia

Delhi people do not care whether there is a single MCD or 3, they want a corruption and BJP-free MCD which works in their interest: Manish Sisodia

Corruption has been the sole focus of the BJP for past 17 years; never focused on real issues like development, health & education: Manish Sisodia


Aam Aadmi Party on Wednesday openly challenged the BJP to let the MCD elections happen as they were initially scheduled and not run away from defeat. Senior AAP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia stated – If the BJP has the courage, it should not run away from a free and fair election, which it is determined to lose. Delhi residents as well as MCD employees are now determined to throw the BJP out of the MCD and its downfall in MCD elections is certain. The people of Delhi are least bothered about unification or trifurcation of the MCD; they just want a corporation that will work in their interests. Corruption has been the sole focus of the BJP for the past 17 years. The BJP-rules MCD has not once focused on important issues like development, sanitation, health, education and paying timely salaries to their employees. Now that the people of Delhi have decided to uproot the BJP from MCD, the BJP is shying away from holding elections and hiding out of the fear of an embarrassing defeat.

Shri Manish Sisodia said, “The people of Delhi are fed up with the BJP’s rampant corruption in MCD for the past decade and a half.. The BJP has been highly incompetent in managing the sanitation system, running its own schools as well as health institutions. BJP-ruled MCD’s buildings and roads are in a state of disrepair. For months, doctors, sweepers, and teachers go without pay. As a result, the people of Delhi and MCD employees have deduced that they will vote for a BJP-free municipal corporation in Delhi this time. The people of Delhi require an MCD that is free of corruption, has clear intentions, is staunchly honest, and one that pays its employees on time. The people of Delhi now demand a municipal corporation in which the councillors are not allowed to misuse public funds and must instead spend them for public purposes.”

He further said, “Even if the BJP can make corporations 3 to 1 by using integration as an excuse to postpone elections, the public will not notice. I am certain that the people of Delhi will thrash the BJP. People have kept in mind the rampant corruption that the BJP has caused in the MCD over the last 17 years.”

Shri Manish Sisodia challenged the BJP and said, “If your party has the courage, it should hold elections in a democratic manner on time, rather than running away from them. The Aam Aadmi Party will not be afraid of uprooting the BJP from MCD.”

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